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World War ZIt’s fair to say that zombies have had it pretty tough in cinema of late;  undervalued, and, if you were to ask an actual zombie for their thoughts, they’d probably say mistreated. Perceived in a more jovial manner, films such as Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and Warm Bodies have given the once feared horror antagonist something of a comedic touch. World War Z Movie download

Marc Forster has ensured that the living dead have regained some integrity, as this Brad Pitt starring apocalyptic thriller has some genuinely threatening, bad-ass zombies rapidly infecting the majority of the world.

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Based on the popular Max Brooks novel, Pitt stars as Gerry Lane, a former employee of the United Nations who now devotes his life to his adoring wife (Mireille Enos) and two young daughters. However when an epidemic spreads whereby the human race take on zombie form when bitten, Gerry is called upon by his former employers to help find a remedy for this disease that is threatening to destroy the planet for good. Leaving his family in government protection, Lane heads off with a small team to various points in the world, to try and discover a cause for this pandemic, and therefore a solution. World War Z Movie download

Download World War Z Movie Before we get to the edge-of-your-seat finale, we have to endure a long period in the middle section of this title that lags somewhat. The premise of one man fighting hoards of dead citizens is a concept that has grown rather tired on the big screen, and the scenes seem formulaic and repetitive. It isn’t until the narrative starts to build towards a conclusion and loose ends appear to be tying up, that we can regain an interest in this story. The final half an hour makes for absolutely thrilling viewing however, with a lengthy, intense and captivating sequence taking place in Britain. Not too far removed from the likes of the infamous velociraptor scene in Jurassic Park, it certainly helps that the zombies are actually daunting and intimidating, and the fear that they inspire adds to the overall impact. Also, the fact that the zombies sense the living by sound rather than smell makes for some hugely suspenseful sequences where our protagonists can’t afford to make any loud noises. World War Z Movie download

The audience will struggle to fully relate to our lead however, as Gerry isn’t just an ordinary guy, he is a hugely intelligent and crafty ex-government employee who knows exactly what he is doing. Though this certainly adds an element of safety and assurance to the role, you lose that everyday quality and hypothetical scenario where you can place yourself in his shoes. Plus, you never once forget it’s Brad Pitt, and in a strange way his good looks almost work against him. You can’t help but feel that World War Z is written around the actor, and he is so blatantly the star of the piece is becomes a little nauseating. Nobody else really does anything to help, so he embarks single handedly on a mission to save the world, complete with a well-placed cut on his brow, that ensures blood casually trickles down, giving him a classically heroic image.

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Download World War Z Movie However, this is ultimately what the audience want, and there are few people in the world you would rather entrust the future of mankind with than Pitt, who turns in a fine (if slightly self-indulgent) performance, and carries this film effortlessly with such an alluring screen presence, where so many other actors would struggle. In the meantime, there are no supporting roles of note that truly add anything to proceedings, with a plethora of insubstantial roles who come and go, and we even have an f-wordless Peter Capaldi, which is always a shame. World War Z Movie download

Zombies are becoming too archetypal a concept in cinema, and it requires something really innovative to fully justify spending a lot of money to re-enter the world of the undead, and though this certainly has its moments, it’s just not quite creative or original enough. That’s not to say it’s not worth seeing mind you, but before you discuss this amongst peers, you’re going to have to settle on whether it’s called World War Zee, or World War Zed. The latter will get you brownie points on this side of the Atlantic that’s for sure.

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Download World War Z Movie I will to admit having extremely low expectations of World War Z when I went into this screening, despite the unexpected appearance of the one and only Mr. Brad Pitt to introduce the film and big it up to the audience. The troubled production had been widely reported with the release date being pushed back, reports of multiple re-writes (5 writers in total are credited on IMDb), a last minute re-shoot of the ending, a budget in excess of $200million, not to mention a public falling out between its star and the director Marc Forster. Was I right to be concerned? Well unfortunately, the answer is yes. World War Z Movie download

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The opening sequence of the film gave me a glimmer of hope; it starts off by introducing us to Gerry Lane (Pitt), his wife Karen (Mireille Enos) and their two children. Gerry has seemingly quit his never specified but obviously important and dangerous job for the UN to become a stay at home Dad. This however is all about to change as a ferocious zombie outbreak is quickly taking over the world and he is called back into work by his old boss Thierry (Fana Mokoena). We get some exhilarating action set pieces as Gerry and his family escape Philadelphia and are airlifted to safety aboard a US navy vessel; the sheer force and speed with which we see the population of a large city like Philadelphia (despite these scenes actually being shot in Glasgow) turn into a rampaging horde of very fast zombies is a sight to behold and it really is edge of your seat stuff.

Download World War Z Movie Once aboard the naval vessel Gerry reluctantly agrees to go back to work after realising that this will be the only way to keep his family protected. Although of course you’d hope that stopping the zombie outbreak threatening to wipe out all of mankind might also have a part in his decision. Either way, here starts a bizarre and oftentimes incoherent wild goose chase that sees Gerry hop from South Korea to Cardiff by way of Israel in his bid to get to the root of the outbreak. This was where the film started to lose me; we get no real characterization, not even of Gerry who is on screen almost every second of the film, and the host of temporary sidekicks he accumulates are poorly developed and their motivations often under explained, leaving you with nobody to truly care about. Everyone concerned also seems awfully quick jump into action with little or no information; this includes a mad rush to South Korea in response to a single email with the word “zombie” in it, shortly followed by a sojourn to Israel after being told by a crazy ex-CIA man (played by David Morse in a role that you feel there was perhaps a lot more to than we are given in the final cut) that the city went on lock down before the epidemic spread, meaning that they must have known something was going on… and on it goes until Gerry finds himself in Cardiff with Peter Capaldi and a host of other British TV actors. I should hasten to add that I absolutely love Peter Capaldi and not even he could prove the saving grace. World War Z Movie download

That’s not to say that I can’t generally overlook plot-holes and questionable character motivations, especially in a silly action flick, but crucially where the major flaw lies for me is in the cynical lack of gore and violence to ensure a PG-13 rating. Blood is conspicuous by its absence, the foe being reduced to a faceless mass of danger which could essentially have been anything, and in the process ensures that this is a thriller rather than a horror film, and the scares are minimal at best.

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Download World War Z Movie The production troubles are apparent in the characters and storylines that appear then don’t seem to go anywhere, and the tacked on ending feels exactly that. The ending is in itself quite effective and it gives us a taste of the tension first created in the opening sequence, but it feels alien to the rest of the film as a whole. There is also an over reliance on convenience throughout the film that is particularly noticeable when everything comes together just a little too well, without there ever being any real sense of danger surrounding Gerry and his family. World War Z Movie download

This may be apparent by now, but I should also mention this what we have here bears little resemblance to the source material. The first draft of the script by J. Michael Straczynski apparently remained faithful to Max Brooks’ satirical novel, but what went into the Hollywood machine has come out as something completely different that instead gives us a definite hero and doesn’t offend anyone in the process, ensuring a large international market (in the book the virus originates from illegal organ trading in China). It’s a shame really, as the book had a lot of potential to be made into something intelligent and scary, but this really is quite simply a daft summer blockbuster that can only really be enjoyed if you leave your brain at the door, but for me the experience was frustrating and only exasperated further by the 3D-induced headache I’d developed an hour in.

Download World War Z Movie World War Z is on general release on 21st June, from Paramount.

The Premiere – World War Z Movie download

I was at the London World Premiere last week, and Interestingly there was clearly tension between Mark (Director) and Brad Pitt. I would have thought a director of this size movie would be able to make a speech. But no. Reading from cards he fumbled over his words, got his actors names seriously wrong in front of 1000 people and was clearly very very nervous. Which is odd because any director should be excited or proud to be presenting their work to the world!

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Download World War Z Movie Brad Pitt in interview said they chose Mark as he was really good at the little emotional moments between characters. Well they mush have cut those bits out.

The movie – World War Z Movie download

A zombie film with no blood? I’ve no idea what the zombies were doing as we never see them kill anyone! They just run around a lot, far too fast for a ‘human being’. No decapitated zombies, and a incredibly poor script that could have been knocked together in an evening.  Watch World War Z Full Movie Online

Download World War Z Movie Speaking to actors who worked on the film they told me a lot of the dialogue was improvised. And it shows. Good dialogue is written. It is very hard for an actor to come up with great dialogue on set with crew around, lights, explosions, gun fire and a budget and schedule pressing down on you – that is what rehearsals and, dare I say, a screenwriter are for. Watch World War Z Full Movie Online

I just don’t think Mark Forster (Quantum of Bollox) knows how to direct. No emotional connection to any of the characters. No big climax at the end and the least threatening Zombie in the history of movies. Click click click.  World War Z Movie download

A tedious V/O from Brad at the end, about “only just the beginning, of the war, YAWN…” We have heard this a hundred times. Watch World War Z Full Movie Online

Download World War Z Movie There was some truly awful acting, characters that appear and go in a scene, that do nothing, and flimsy science that is just insulting to anyone who can actually think.

The only good bit was the Zombie as Ants scene, but it would have been hugely improved if a zombie with a giant leaf walked past in the background. World War Z Movie download

The audience laughed at several moment, that I don’t believe the director even realised were gags!

Download World War Z Movie Brad doesn’t even really do any acting. He does a bit of running around and a fight or two. No great lines, and I don’t really believe that he loves his kids and wife so terribly much. Watch World War Z Full Movie Online

Best thing in it was – Daniella Kertesz, but her scenes are clearly cut to bits, unlike her hand, which just seems to be fine after a couple of gin and tonics. I’ll have what she’s having! World War Z Movie download

And leaning suitcases against a curtain? Seriously. That was really bad.

Download World War Z Movie The film could have been saved in the Edit – with some clever re-positioning of the major scenes, to get the structure right, but having seen Brad and Mark together, they had clearly fallen out of love with the movie. Watch World War Z Full Movie Online

Nothing here we haven’t seen in 28 Days Later, or any other zombie film, or even The War of the World that was written 100 years ago. World War Z Movie download

At the end the applause was half hearted and everyone got up and left super fast.

The aftermath –

Download World War Z Movie Please GOD can we stop giving bad directors a second, and in this case 10th chance. This film made me angry that a studio can waste so much money on what was a mediocre idea even at the beginning, and gave it to a director who has a proved track record of not being able to fix a bad script, or direct action.

The budget on this would keep an independent film maker in business for the next 400 years – or if we put that in a real time scale – all the way back to Elizabeth the 1st. World War Z Movie download


Nothing to see here ladies and gentlemen, move on.